GOPIO International with support from SELANGOR state government and Tourism Selangor is organizing Malaysia’s premier exposition, the International Selangor Expo 2020 (ISE 2020). This 11-day exposition will be held from 10th Dec - 20th Dec at MAEPS (Malaysia Exposition Park, Serdang), known to be the LARGEST event venue in Malaysia.

This large international tourism, trade and investment event serves to establish a platform to connect buyers and sellers, thus allowing sellers to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and potential customers, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Focus will be targeted on key activities that would enhance bilateral relationship between SELANGOR state and the 500+ booth exhibitors and trade visitors. Also, in the line-up for this event includes promotion of food products, educational programme, local & international concerts, International Marathon & Golf tournament and cultural programme to create awareness and vast opportunities.

We are delighted to extend our invitation to your esteemed organization to participate in this International Selangor Expo 2020 and reap the benefit from this global interaction in conjunction with Sultan of Selangor’s birthday, Visit Malaysia Year 2020 and a precursor of Visit Selangor Year 2021.

The ISE 2020 excitement is coming here for you.

Who should attend?

Foreign, Regional, State and local Government

Ministries and related Agencies

Corporate Establishments and others

Industrial Products & Equipment


Materials & Supplies

Consumer Goods Trading

Investment Promotions

Agro-based Industries/Products & Equipment

Financial & Insurance Institutions

Education/Institutions of Higher Learning

Health and Medical Facilities/Equipment


Consumer Products & Services

Service Industries

Textile Industry

High Tech Industries

Arts & Crafts

Trade Visitors

About 350+ trade visitors comprising officials from over 40 countries are expected to participate in the ISE 2020, thus creating an excellent networking hub as well as to solicit business opportunities.

Promotion, publicity & advertising campaign

To ensure the success of International Selangor Expo 2020, an elaborate and well-coordinated promotional program, publicity and advertising campaign will be launched at the start of 2020. Advertising will cover all media and will be launched ahead of time to attract participants and visitors to the event.

Special newspaper supplements to commemorate the event will be undertaken by major national English, Chinese and Tamil newspapers. Special previews, updates and highlights will be made available to local and foreign press, radio and television stations. Our promotional campaign includes premium gifts, souvenirs, offers and giveaways.

Worldwide media reach

The organiser shall embark on a campaign to pre-register trade buyers/visitors from Malaysia, ASEAN countries, SAARC countries, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Africa. Invitation shall be extended through:

Newspaper Advertisements in the local media

Newspaper Advertisements in selected foreign media

Advertisements in selected business magazines

Direct-mail invites to trade and business associations

Malaysian Trade Offices overseas

Foreign Trade Embassies & Commissions in Malaysia and abroad

On-line Registration / E-invites


Press Releases/Conferences/Interviews, etc.

How to participate

Scheme 1: Bare land space

Minimum reservation: 72 sq meters

Within the bare land space, exhibitors shall design their own pavilion concept.

Important: All pavilion designs must be submitted to the organiser two(2) months prior to the opening of the event. This is required for submission to the local authorities for approval.

Cost of Bare Land space per sq. meter: RM972 (USD 243)

Scheme 2: Booth/Space

Individual booth/space measures at 3m x 3m (9 sq. meters) with basic facilities*.

Booths/Space are housed in air-conditioned pavilions.

Cost: Rm9,000 (USD 2250) for standard booth and RM10, 000 (USD 2500) for corner booth.

*Basic facilities include:

Three-sided partitions

Standard fascia board with exhibitor’s name

Two number fluorescent lights

One (1) 13 Amp plug point

One (1) table and two (2) folding chairs

General carpeting

One (1) wastepaper basket